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Hints about WhatsApp for Android getting dark mode have been all over the place the past year or so. Now that it's been some time, enabling the long-awaited dark theme option is finally doable, though with a catch. For starters, having root access is mandatory.

This post is a collection of small changes you may notice in the Snapchat app for Android if you will open it next time. For every point, I also added a short sentence about the "potential impact" of the change/feature on your day to day app usage and performance.

A new application from My Dreams Dev in early development stages got pushed out on the Play Store for testing, before its official launch. Aiming to set the bar for a "virtual" personal trainer, it does take on the task of helping you achieve your goals and dreams, hence the name 🔥

After a long long time without any updates, perhaps almost a month, we now have our hands on Telegram version 5.13.0 beta to test out, and in fact, it does include some major upgrades to the prior release.

There is a new player in the quite stale space of text editor apps for Android that is geared towards you notetakers, writers, editors, poets - basically, everyone who has to write down stuff daily, and especially if having support for the Markdown syntax is a priority for you.