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The most recent updates for the Twitter app on Android are now rolling out to all users signed up for alpha and beta testing via the Play Store. Version 8.34.0 alpha and 8.33.0 beta, respectively, do come with a brand new tabbed interface on the home page to display all pinned lists.

On its 15th birthday right this month, Google went out and made public a slew of changes to Maps - starting with the app icon, to a complete redesign of the mobile app. Feel free to check out our full coverage of what's new from the article, linked below 👇

"Google Maps gets a new icon and another paint job on its 15th birthday"

The so popular Page management service offered by Facebook for promoting businesses has its own dedicated client for Android on the Play Store, allowing for managing things on the go.

Presented to you by indie developer Games 4You is a recently released adventure game on the Google Play Store. Knife Throw Hits Challenge does have a very basic theme - throwing knives at a spinning wooden board, with the incentive to hit as many apples as possible to get to the next level. As a bonus, all players get to unlock extra knives, and every fifth level they have to face the "big boss" where they need to do their best in defeating him.

Telegram's 5.15.0 build is now shipping officially on the Google Play Store with a multitude of feature additions and other noteworthy enhancements.