ICYMI: Udio makes audio inpainting available for testing

· 2 min read
Udio inpainting

Udio announced the launch of their Audio Inpainting feature, a tool allowing users to seamlessly edit and refine audio tracks. This functionality allows users to select parts of a track for regeneration based on surrounding audio, making it easier to edit vocal lines, correct mistakes, or smooth over transitions. The company revealed that this feature, still in the testing phase, is presently available only to subscribers on the desktop version starting today. In addition, Udio has introduced new subscription plans, offering various options to meet the needs of various users. The standard plan provides 1200 credits each month, whereas a no-cost option gives users 100 credits every month with daily additional credits. Current subscribers will be transitioned to the no-cost plan and receive an extra 400 credits as a gesture of appreciation for their initial support. Following feedback from users, Udio has implemented a feature allowing the adjustment of the context-window length in the tool's advanced settings, with options ranging from 1 second to 2 minutes and 10 seconds.

To use Audio Inpainting on Udio:

  1. Subscribe to Udio and access the feature on the desktop version.
  2. Choose the segment of the audio track you wish to modify.
  3. Utilize the advanced settings to adjust the context-window length if needed.

User testimonials for Audio Inpainting highlight the improved capability to modify tracks, greater control in making audio adjustments, and an increased capacity for enhancing transitions. This feature is acknowledged for its capability to transform music editing and production.

Udio, created to provide state-of-the-art tools for music editing and production, continues to evolve through regular updates. Designed for both audio professionals and enthusiasts needing adaptable editing tools, Udio, despite its beta phase, has garnered positive feedback from its community, suggesting a positive trajectory for this application.