Telegram is stress-testing voice chats with Pavel Durov and you can participate as well

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Telegram is stress-testing voice chats with Pavel Durov and you can participate as well

After the beta release v7.6.0, where voice chats became available for channels, some beta users received a message from the official Telegram account with an invitation to a new Telegram memes channel to help with testing voice chats.

As a Beta App user, we invite you to update your Telegram Beta to the latest version and join the test voice chat in @MemesTelegram.

You can also try this invite link:

We’re making sure everything works fine in voice chats with massive numbers of listeners before the release. For now, the only thing we need is that you simply join the voice chat as a listener.

If there are further things that need testing, we’ll post in the channel. Thanks!

The voice chat got started around 23:00 GMT lead by the Telegram team where they were testing the ability of people to raise their hand and speak. When some issues came up on the Android client, a new update was released immediately. The channel also have a discussion group where testers were able to communicate their findings.

Lot's of people got a chance to speak up and share their thoughts. The notable moment was the participation of Pavel Durov who was speaking there for some time.

The last message in the Memes channel states that this stress test chat will come back next time. Keeping in mind the release schedule that Telegram team is following, they are trying to push v7.6.0 beta update to stable this week and make sure that all bugs are crushed until then.

For those of you just finding this channel now, the Voice Chat for beta testers has ended. But it will return.

If you want to have a chance to participate in testing:

When the chat starts:

  • Follow the instructions from the voice chat
  • Take notes about all the issues that you may notice
  • Raise your hand to get a chance to speak
  • Share your notes in the discussion group

And follow @tgtester channel to get more beta insights.

If you are not yet a Telegram beta tester yet, you can check this guide below 👇

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