Perplexity rolls out Enterprise Pro with enhanced security and data protection

· 1 min read
Perplexity UI

Perplexity has recently launched Enterprise Pro, its inaugural B2B service designed with a focus on security and control. This launch introduces features geared towards enterprise-grade security, including alerts for file protection, encryption of data both at rest and in transit, and user management functionalities to add or remove team members efficiently. Enterprise Pro prides itself on being SOC2 Type 1 compliant, with a roadmap towards Type 2 compliance by mid-2024. Notably, it offers a selection of AI models tailored to different needs, ensuring data privacy by prohibiting the use of customer data for training these models.

Customers across various industries have already begun leveraging Enterprise Pro to enhance their operations. Databricks, for instance, has reported a remarkable savings of approximately 5,000 working hours monthly, attributing this efficiency to Enterprise Pro's sophisticated tools. Similarly, HP, Latham & Watkins, Thrive Global, and The Cleveland Cavaliers have utilized this service for a range of applications from sales research to the creation of wellness content and analysis of sales trends. Furthermore, Perplexity's collaboration with major telecom companies like SoftBank and Deutsche Telekom underlines the growing demand for AI tools capable of serving enterprise-scale needs.

To reproduce user experiences akin to the mentioned companies, steps might involve selecting appropriate AI models from Enterprise Pro’s offerings, integrating these models into the company’s workflow, and analyzing the resultant improvements in operational efficiency or data handling security. The choice of AI model, coupled with the encryption standards and SOC2 compliance, could yield various benefits across different applications and industries.

About Perplexity: Perplexity is known for developing AI tools that cater to both individual and now, with Enterprise Pro, business needs. The company focuses on creating solutions that marry security with functionality, offering users a range of AI models tailored to their requirements. With its adherence to high-security standards and commitment to user data privacy, Perplexity aims to position itself as a go-to provider of AI solutions for the enterprise market.