Microsoft Copilot landed on Android to offer a ChatGPT-like AI experience for free

Explore Microsoft Copilot on Android, offering a fresh AI chat experience with voice features, already intriguing users. Try it now!

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Copilot app for Android UI
Copilot app for Android UI

In an intriguing move by Microsoft, the tech giant recently rolled out its Copilot app on Google Play, seemingly contravening the typical iOS-first launch strategy adhered to by many software firms. However, given Microsoft's broader business strategy, the Android-first decision appears quite fitting. With the Microsoft Copilot app's launch gathering steam, early adopters and prompt engineers have a new playground to explore conversational AI capabilities outside the realm of ChatGPT.

Update: Now also available on iOS 📲

How to Get Started with Microsoft Copilot on Android

To dive into the AI-driven experience Microsoft Copilot promises, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Google Play Store on your Android device and search for 'Microsoft Copilot'.
  2. Download and install the app. Since it's currently in its nascent stage with only around 1,000 downloads, accessing it should be straightforward.
  3. Open the Microsoft Copilot app and sign in with your Microsoft account to sync your data and preferences. You can also use it without signing in.
  4. Experiment with the voice conversation feature or navigate through the text mode according to your preference.
  5. Enjoy the distinctive hands-free mode by asking questions or prompting discussions and listen to the app reading replies out loud.
Conversational mode in the Copilot app for Android

Pros and Cons between Copilot and ChatGPT Apps after Testing


  • Copilot is free.
  • Copilot reads responses out loud by default.
  • Copilot has a nice and smooth UX.
  • Copilot works better with Bing search.


  • Copilot has no access to custom GPTs.
  • Copilot's voice UX is way worse and breaks recording randomly.
  • Copilot has a longer app start time on some devices.

Who Will Benefit from Microsoft Copilot?

The Microsoft Copilot app is particularly advantageous for those who engage regularly with AI and are looking for an alternative to the popular ChatGPT. Users seeking a hands-on AI experience will find the text-to-speech functionality valuable, allowing a more accessible and multitasking-friendly interaction. The app promises particular appeal for Android users, with its voice conversation flow offering a fresh take on AI dialogues – although some may find the automatic recording interruption less favourable compared to ChatGPT’s recording mechanism.

Understanding Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot represents an alternative conversational AI experience, one that incorporates smooth integrations with Microsoft’s suite of tools and knowledge bases. Unlike ChatGPT, Copilot brings a voice-centric interface to the table, aimed at enhancing the user experience with auditory feedback. While currently lacking access to custom GPTs, which could greatly expand its capabilities, there are hints that this might change once OpenAI introduces a GPT store, potentially harmonizing with Bing's GPT plugins feature.

Source: The news about Microsoft Copilot’s app release was detailed in an article by Neowin on December 26.