Dream Machine by LumaLabs now supports adding End Frame in prompts

· 1 min read
End Frame on Luma Labs

LumaLabs, the company behind Dream Machine, recently introduced a new feature that allows users to add a second frame to their video prompts. This option becomes available after you upload the first picture to the prompt, where you'll see a new button suggesting you upload an optional second picture. If you upload two images, Dream Machine will generate a single video that connects the first image with the second one.

This feature is an interesting extension to what's already possible, especially considering that Dream Machine is available for free up to a certain extent. Users have already created some fascinating videos, and with this new addition, we can expect to see even more high-quality videos produced by the public.

Dream Machine, the new text-to-video model from LumaLabs, marks a significant improvement in AI-generated video capabilities, potentially matching the level of Sora from OpenAI.