GPT-Store expands to iOS: Anticipated editing feature and more updates

Explore the new GPT-Store on iOS and discover mobile-specific features set to enhance your AI experience.

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GPT-Store expands to iOS: Anticipated editing feature and more updates

The GPT-Store's recent launch on iOS, following its introduction on the web, marks a notable expansion in the platform's accessibility. This global release ensures that iOS users experience a seamless transition, with the mobile interface closely mirroring that of the web version. The app provides comprehensive access to various categories, the MyGPT section, and a robust search feature.

A key difference in the iOS version is the current absence of the editing function for GPTs, despite the presence of an edit button. This issue was addressed during a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) session hosted by OpenAI, where they confirmed the upcoming availability of the GPT editor for mobile platforms. This anticipated update has generated considerable interest among users.

Edit GPT button on ChatGPT iOS

Furthermore, the web version of the GPT-Store has introduced a new tooltip feature. This enhancement is specifically designed to spotlight the new editing capability, particularly for those who might have overlooked its introduction.

Explore GPTs tooltip

OpenAI has also taken an inclusive step by releasing a form for users to submit their GPTs for featuring in the Store 👀

In conclusion, the GPT-Store's expansion to iOS brings familiar web functionalities to mobile users, coupled with exciting future updates like the editing feature. OpenAI's continuous efforts in highlighting new features and incorporating user feedback are pivotal in enhancing user experience and fostering community involvement.