The best screenshot editing app and beta updates from week #4

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The best screenshot editing app and beta updates from week #4

Many people already shifted to a "work from home" mode and an unclarity over when it is going to end boosts lots of new products to appear. Let's see what we've got this week!

What's New?

  • 🔥 New Signal and Telegram updates
  • 🏕 Offline translation on google lenses
  • 🎙 Clubhouse for Android and Spaces from Twitter
  • 🖍 A perfect app for editing Screenshots

New Signal and Telegram updates

Both apps seem to continue building their success on top of the WhatsApp privacy policy update. Signal Messenger got group chat wallpapers and lots of essential features that WhatsApp has. Interesting that it took them several weeks to get them out while WhatsApp users were waiting for ages. Now it is easy to say that Signal became one of the major players among messages and it is now also a place where the attention of users shifts.

At the meantime, Telegram beta got updated to v7.4 just today and got a feature that allows you to import and extract WhatsApp chat history to Telegram. This is a big update that can simplify migration from one messenger to another.

Offline translation on google lenses

Among all other small updates that happened this week - a possibility to use Google Lenses for offline translation is one of the most interesting in my opinion. Now, if you stuck somewhere in the foreign country without internet, you can easily use your camera to translate signs and lot's of other things without a need to type everything down in Google Translate app.

Clubhouse for Android and Spaces from Twitter

You may hear people talking about Clubhouse - it is a new platform for drop-in voice chats that is made in a form of a social network. Apart from this, Twitter announced its new project called Spaces which is focused around voice as well.

The common part between these two is that they don't have an Android client yet (Clubhouse announced recently that they are started working on it recently). Many other apps these days also appear as iOS first and this gives an impression that Android is getting behind. I think that it should be someone's business model to take trending iOS-only apps and quickly implementing them on Android to steal the audience 😜

Coming back to the whole concept of Voice apps, it is far from being new - Discord chat for gamers has this feature for ages. But in case of Clubhouse, it seemed to be used for different types of activities so you can feel yourself on an online conference or a voice Q&A session.

Important to mention that Voice chats feature was also recently added to Telegram as well. Should we organise a drop-in voice chat in our Testers Group as well?

A perfect app for editing Screenshots

I finally found it and here is why. As a tester or tipster, you often need to blur personal information (names, phones) and add arrows or numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) to your screenshots. Most of the apps give you a brush blur feature where you have to draw blur areas and very often it becomes tricky to do it precisely. The app I've found has a feature to blur an area so you won't need to draw anything. Apart from this you can also highlight areas and do many other things. Check Screen Master Beta for Android.

And what is also very important - it has a beta version too 😎

Would anybody interested in a voice chat event on Telegram for beta testers community? Reply with "yes" if you want to talk and listen about Android apps, features, beta testing and social media 🔥