Using CapCut to edit TikTok and Reel videos on Android

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Using CapCut to edit TikTok and Reel videos on Android

This video editor is made by the Bytedance Pte team and has a beta release track available as well.

The overall UI is quite similar to many other popular video editors while it feels much more faster and better designed than YouCut editor for example. Helper tips are not annoying and easy to understand. It also has a separate section with a features overview that showcases what can you do with this editor. It comes with a huge variety of free effects and filters where many of which you can find on TikTok editor for example.

For content creators:

If you are making TikTok or Reels videos outside of these social apps on your Android phone, it worth trying this app. I also consider replacing the YouCut editor which I was using for quite a while with this one. It has a full feature parity, works faster, and has a few extra features to offer.

CapCut - Video Editor - Apps on Google Play
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