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HI!! I am the average housewife, who happens to love, enjoy, & mostly obsess over everything Tech! Im a fanatical Google lover, & bought my FIRST Google Home after winning $1,000 in the lottery, that & the Hue light start up kit. I now own, besides the initial GH, 4 Google Mini's, 16 Hue bulbs, 3 smart plugs, 3 motion sensors, 3 types of Roku, Roku Tv, 2 fire sticks, 1 fire stick plus,smart soundbar, Lenova smart display, 3 google chromecasts, 3 google chromecast audio, 4 different android tablets, 1 chromebook....may have more Smart stuff, cant think of everything! I beta test the following : Google, Google Play Services, Google Maps, YouTube, Gboard, YOURS TRULY- Beta Testing Catalog, Instagram, Audible....i was invited to test the Google Phone but my smart phone wont allow that specific app. Theres many more i wish i could test, but is full or my Moto phone does not have the capability. My experience comes from my own self help and/ or my own research. Thank you for this great & fabulous app which makes things alot easier for me to find those beta apps! Keep up the good work!

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