Top browser apps for Android worthy of taking for a test ride

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Top browser apps for Android worthy of taking for a test ride

To surf the Internet, you always are in need of a browser, and so far there haven't been that many quality apps up for the task other than a few. Most of the browsers on the Play Store do contain intrusive ads, collect user data, and perform quite poorly. So, we are non-stop looking for reliable, easy to use, and well-put applications, and in this category, there aren't that many worthy of attention. We are going to tell you more about in a bit, but perhaps, before doing so, you should check out our previous collections of beta apps that you must try.

1. Chrome Beta

The most used mobile browser with close to 60% market share is Google's Chrome, and when it comes to trying new features, design tweaks, and a lot more, we have Chrome Beta. There is the flags menu that you can tinker with if being on the newest bleeding edge Chrome release is not enough. You can enter it by simply typing chrome://flags in the address bar and Bob's your uncle. For an even more thrilling and yet unstable experience, you should take Chrome Dev for a test run instead.

2. Opera beta

Based on the Chromium project, Opera beta offers mostly the same web features and stability, with an extra slew of add-ons. For example, it has a built-in ad blocker, an advanced data saver, night mode, and they even added crypto payment support in a recent update.

3. Firefox for Android Beta

The standard browser feature set on one side, Firefox does permit the installation of extensions on their mobile app. With that in mind, you have the opportunity of customizing your web surfing experience to the bone, from ad blockers to site-specific themes, the choice is yours.

An add-on that I highly recommend is Dark Reader by Aliaksandr Shutau. It is available for Desktop users, including Chrome. It automatically makes websites go dark and has a setting for blacklisting/whitelisting sites.

4. Microsoft Edge (Beta)

The main selling point of Microsoft's Edge browser is its syncing capabilities across devices, and with Windows 10 PC's, to be exact. It also has a dark theme, supports password syncing and ad blocking.

5. Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet is not as feature-packed as the other apps on our list, but still has a couple of nifty features, such as a QR code reader, syncing with Samsung Cloud, and a dark mode with smart website background inversion in tow. Another thing worth noting is the support for third-party ad blocking add-ons that you can install from the Google Play Store. As of this moment, there are more than a dozen supported. Just search for "Samsung Internet ad blocker."

6. Monument Browser

If you are on the lookout for a feature-rich and highly customizable alternative, Monument Browser is the way to go. Why? Because it packs in extra settings for choosing the placement of the toolbar / address bar, plus some gestures. Though, its most eye-catching functionality, for sure, is the ability to browse sites inside of a floating window. Plus, there is picture-in-picture mode support for videos and a dark mode for websites, but not only.

7. Cake Browser

By taking rather a bold move towards reinventing searching the web, Cake Browser throws in intuitive gestures to the mix. More so, it lets you easily browse through your search results in an order with a swipe, exactly as switching between tabs. It is the only app offering this, and in addition to that, it has a lovely UI, a news page with user-selectable topics and sites, ad blocking, duh, and a whole lot more. The only missing thing is a dark theme, though, I am sure that it will come in future builds too.

8. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is a privacy-oriented app with an utterly minimalistic user interface and a limited set of options. It is intended to be used by people who are worried about their privacy. It achieves this by bypassing a wide range of tracking systems and by blocking nasty ads. Thus, the experience is extremely snappy, and as a bonus, pretty darn great.

9. Yandex Browser with Protect

This one does come with an exceptional Turbo mode, which saves data by compressing images, and even videos. Other features included are a power saving mode, Zen mode, which collects articles and news in a feed based on your interests and your browsing history, and a security system called Protect actively keeping you away from harmful pages when connected to open Wi-Fi networks.

Alas, these are some of the best browsing apps for our beloved Android operating system for mobile devices. If you have further suggestions about beta apps, do not hesitate to tip us. One more thing - stay tuned to TestingCatalog for new and exciting news and thorough testing guides.