Top 5 keyboard apps in beta on the Google Play Store

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Top 5 keyboard apps in beta on the Google Play Store

Virtual keyboard apps are a necessity for our daily touch-screen device usage, and finding the best ones around is not the simplest task to accomplish. TestingCatalog's special interest in testing Android applications, and by snooping through our huge library of beta software pieces, we got around a made a list for our readers. This list contains five of the best keyboard that you can find on the Google Play Store, and at the same time, they all have ongoing testing programs letting early adopters enjoy new features and improvements right out of the bat. Okay, here we go.

1. Gboard

Google's Gboard has always been my numero uno keyboard since my first introduction to Android, It comes, with each and every update, with massive improvements, mostly geared towards looks and ease of use, plus some additional clever tools to complement the great prediction system that it has. Themes are the top thing that sticks out to me, well, other than the aforementioned qualities. If you aren't using it, then you should totally give it a try.

2. SwiftKey

SwifKey, now owned by Microsoft, has always been the most praised keyboard for its top-notch word prediction. Of course, I am not a fan of the UI even the slightest but couldn't go without mentioning it either, because it has its own perks: translations, direct Bing search, and more.

3. Chrooma

If you are a fan of Gboard, then imagine that it had a beautiful newborn child. By that, I mean, it looks very similar to Google's offering, and its most compelling feature is the adaptive theme which sets the keyboard color according to the app that is in use and its color palette. So unique, isn't it? For more details, you will have to test it on your own though.

4. Fleksy

This one is a charmer. It looks so minimalistic and elegant but to achieve that it sacrifices a bit over functionality - no swipe keyboard, for example. But on the contrary, it does have at least some other nice gestures, like for deleting text or switching between suggestions, and moreover, comes bundled with a chameleon theme (i.e., adaptive.)

5. Grammarly

For those who are cautious about not making grammar mistakes, spelling errors, etc., Grammarly is the app to go for. Not only it helps you identify your own mistakes, but it does also give you a hand on correcting them. And it's free, which is a bonus.

Hope you agree with our top keyboards run-down. Take note that these are just my thoughts, and if have any other suggestions, please, do let me know in the comments, on our social media accounts, whichever you prefer. Also, stay around for our next update report.