Todoist released a set of 7 UX improvements under the "Todoist Foundations" project to help you get things done

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Todoist released a set of 7 UX improvements under the "Todoist Foundations" project to help you get things done

Todoist for Android v15.0.0 got a major update with 7 new features specified in the app changelog. This major update is named "Todoist Foundations" which stands for a "faster, more intuitive and more reliable" way to manage your day to day tasks.

Todoist is a know Android app which was available since the beginning of Android existence. It has a big feature set which covers almost everything when it comes to managing your To-Do lists.

According to the blog post, this project took almost 2 years for the team to do research, plan and rebuild the core part of the app. This major update affects the core part of the user experience.

What do you usually do when you want to use a To-Do app?

First of all, I am not a Todoist user. I use Google Keep daily and I only beta testing apps like Todoist or other To-Do apps (testing them for a couple of hours or days but not keeping them after).

To me, the important todo list feature is the availability across the web and Android platforms. At this point, Todoist is in a good spot because it supports both and I can easily consider it as a To-Do list app replacement for me for the next couple of weeks.

At this point, I want to give my perspective on UI improvements spotted in the changelog.

So, what is the core happy path for a Todoist user? There are several core actions and I want to list them here and check if they were addressed in this update.

  • Task creation
  • Task browsing
  • Task editing
  • Task sorting
  • Task completion

Are there any other important features? Yes! but they won't be a part of the foundation because these 4 features are enough to make a usable todo app.

What's new?

🎉 Say hello to Todoist Foundations: A comprehensive update with faster, more intuitive, more reliable ways to get things done. Check out the launch announcement and video or read the details below

This is the intro part.

You can now divide your project into Sections. Add a Section from the three dots menu in the top right of any project, then add tasks by dragging them into the section. Try using Sections to arrange your projects by stage (Research, Planning, Launch) or by timeline (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3). It’s now easier to manage your sub-tasks right from Task View. Tap on a task to open Task view and add view and complete its sub-tasks in context.

Task sorting - check 🔥 There is a possibility in the app to separate tasks between projects and this is a new gradation to split them even further. Makes it easier to handle big projects.

Manage every detail about a task – its due date, assignee, labels, sub-tasks, comments, and more – in one place with new Task View. Simply tap on the task to see it. Your Labels list will now be divided into “Personal” and “Shared” labels. Whenever someone adds a label to a task in a shared project, you’ll see it in your Shared labels; All the labels you create yourself go into your Personal labels. For those of you who collaborate in Todoist, this change should keep your label list much more organized and manageable.

Task editing - check 🔥 Being able to manage every part of the task in one screen makes the process much simpler.

Adding tasks just got easier with the more intuitive, redesigned Quick Add. You’ll see small tags below the task name that displays the due date, project, and task assignee. You can also now immediately set a reminder using the clock icon.

Task creation - check 🔥 The task creation flow was modified in order to give the user a possibility to adjust required fields from start without having a need to go an edit task afterwards.

Enjoy a more coordinated look across the app with colourful, redesigned icons on every platform.

Task browsing - check 🔥 Look and feel would be a general improvement.

You can now see your completed tasks right within your project. Simply select “Show completed tasks” from the three dots menu and you’ll see checked-off tasks right in your project list. You can see them in task view, too.

Task completion - check 🔥 This is the last core feature that has been addressed in this huge update.

There are much more details on these features in the Todoist blog post itself where you can also see them in action!

Which todo app do you use to get things done? Drop a name in comments 📩