The main reason to use Telegram beta instead of Telegram X or Plus messenger

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The main reason to use Telegram beta instead of Telegram X or Plus messenger

I got asked to compare Telegram beta client versus Plus messenger in order to find a reason to use the first one instead of another. First of all, I need to say that my review is based on a 2-day usage experience with Plus messenger and daily usage experience with Telegram beta client.

As a user, I am also an owner of several channels and groups on Telegram plus I am reading around 10 different channels on a daily basis.

First of all, I think that every Android app can find it's user because people are different and they have different preferences. The same goes for Telegram clients. They have minor differences in UI/UX and some of them might be a better fit for one person than another.

Apart from UI/UX, there is one extra difference between standard Telegram client and others - the speed of new features being delivered.

What does it influence? Let's take the most recent example with the latest release of Telegram 5.11. This release implements a new feature called"scheduled messaging". If you are a channel owner, this feature might be quite important to you. There are several bots which can help you to achieve the same but having access to the native feature will save you a bit of time advantage because it is just faster to use.

Time is very important to me personally and 10 extra seconds spent on unnecessary clicks might play a key role in my decision-making process.

Coming back to Telegram clients - this feature is ready to use on standard Telegram client but not on others. For Telegram X it sometimes takes time because they need to update their support library first. For alternative clients, it takes time because they are relying on a release of Telegram source code and it brings a significant delay.

The recent release is just one example. Apart from that, I noticed that the Archived messages folder appears in all categories (channels, groups, etc..) of Plus messenger. However, the section itself includes an archived channel in the list too.

As a conclusion - if you use Telegram only to consume content, probably you will not get much out of being a Telegram Beta user. If you are creating content as well, you may find it to be useful to get all new features as soon as they are getting released.

Small hint: I am also using launcher shortcut icons to channels which are important to me and it gives me a possibility to organise them into folders

Happy testing!