The best screen recording apps for Android (Software Testing exclusive)

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The best screen recording apps for Android (Software Testing exclusive)

As a follow up to our previous article titled "How to take screenshots on Android" that you should read if you haven't already, this time we are here with a tutorial about screen recording on Android. Just so you know, our website is focused on software testing, hence the name, and particularly for testing Android apps. Thus, giving testers directions about how to provide high-quality bug reports can be considered as our top priority job. Briefly, test reports consist of test artifacts such as logs, device hardware and software info, screenshots and if necessary - screen recordings.

Currently, Android in its AOSP flavor does not include a native screen recording functionality, but fortunately, Google has added it, even though broken, to the first batch of Android Q betas. Meanwhile, Huawei phones do provide such a feature built into their proprietary EMUI software skin and can it be toggled by long-pressing the power and volume up keys simultaneously.

If you do not have a Huawei handset or one that is running Android Q, don't worry. There are plenty of applications that you can install from the Google Play Store and get the job done easily. Perhaps, some of the more popular ones that you must try are AZ Screen Recorder or Screen Recorder, which is for sure the best one so far and it is completely free to use. It does not have ads either and has an AMOLED theme as a bonus.

Initiating a screen recording is basically similar between all of the apps that we mentioned, so just follow the on-screen steps to grant all of the permissions needed and you are good to go.

Those are some of our picks for the category of the best apps for screen recording available on Android. Let us know if you have other suggestions that we should add to the list.