The best navigation (maps) applications for Android in beta

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The best navigation (maps) applications for Android in beta

Our second roundup of top Android apps to test out is here, this time covering applications for GPS navigation. Make note that you can apply for beta testing of each of them from the embedded links below.

1. Google Maps

Google's Maps application easily takes the crown with it's very simple to navigate and good-looking UI, other than the unmatched real-time traffic status information, voice navigation, support for offline maps, and tailored restaurant recommendations. Moreover, it does provide additional data about public transport in lots of areas in the world, including schedules for buses, trains, and ride-shares, i.e., using services like Uber and Lyft.

2. Google Maps Go

If you do not have a well-specced Android device, Maps Go is available on Google Play. It lets you look up addresses, etc., but sadly, it does not have all of the bells and whistles of the original Maps app. Perhaps, it does not offer turn-by-turn navigation, so for that, you will have to look elsewhere. On a side note, the great speed advantage of it comes by leveraging the PWA (Progressive Web App) standard, and thus, it requires Chrome to be installed on your mobile phone for it to function.

3. Here Maps

Here Maps by Nokia is another great app when it comes to GPS navigation, especially in cases when you are going on long road trips, and you don't have a constant internet connection. Also, it provides a suite of public transport information, taxi prices, and integration with Lyft.

4. Waze

With Waze you get, aside from real-time traffic details, automatic route changes, built-in support for music and podcast playback, and Android Auto integration. Waze's gem though is the featured fuel price listings with suggestions for good deals.

5. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

You should use Sygic mainly for offline navigation, but it still boasts the same traffic-related mumbo jumbo as the other apps above. Furthermore, it has its own unique functionalities like offline maps in 3D, warnings for traffic speed limits, and so much more. Just give it a shot.

That was everything about navigation applications with running beta programs on Google Play. If you have other suggestions for this category, or rather for other apps with betas available, hit us up and we will gladly include them in our catalog.