TestingCatalog - Issue #181

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TestingCatalog - Issue #181

If you follow TestingCatalog on social you may already know that I started Early Adopting and exploring the NFT world from my Android device (more details below). I got my first NFT for free and shared this experience on Twitter afterwards. It turned out to be the best tweet I ever posted with 150+ likes, lots of retweets and comments. I am writing this just to share that the #NFTs trend is exploding and it feels like it is just the beginning.

This newsletter also went out later than usual because I was trying to buy an NFT from the auction for real and it didn't go very smooth. I got a piece of art that is meaningful to me and learned a lot. Reply to this email if you are interested to know the details 😜

But that's not all, there is more tangible Android stuff that you can try yourself below.

What's new?

  • 📲 How I got my first NFT for free on Android.
  • 📲 New Instagram features are here to stay.
  • 📲 Android Auto is now available in beta.
  • 📲 Android 12 wallpapers from Zheano blog.

How I got my first NFT for free on Android

This drop was limited on time and you cannot claim it anymore but as soon as I will spot more free stuff I will try to share it on our Android DAPPS channel. What does DAPPs mean? Decentralized Apps are those that are using blockchain technology somehow. Lot's of them also exist on Android and this is what this channel will be about.

New Instagram features that are here to stay

This is not the first time when the Instagram team is just releasing certain features to everyone at once. It still may take up to a week until your account will receive it but it is much faster compared to gradual rollouts by Google. Now, you can hide likes completely and also see Reels engagement insights.

Android Auto is now available in beta

One more Google app got a beta release track. This app is a bit tricky to test because it requires a car 🤔 Well, I am already looking for one and Android Auto compatibility is the main requirement for me. If you can share your opinion about Hyundai Ioniq I will be grateful to hear.

Android 12 wallpapers by Zheano blog

If you are looking for a new Android themed wallpaper, you should give a look at this Material You variant. This wallpaper was inspired by the new version of Material Design that was presented at Google I/O 2021.

TestingCatalog Project

According to our polls, lots of people are sideloading Android apps from Telegram. With this in mind, I will try to share APKs from my device on our main TestingCatalog channel too. Some APKs that I share are not compatible with every other device because of the architecture limitation. But if you are sideloading beta apps and not yet following TestingCtalog on Telegram, you now have one more reason to do so.

I am also thinking if anybody is interested to know about cool web projects in beta that are mobile friendly and that you can use from your Android device? WDYT?