TestingCatalog - Issue #174

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TestingCatalog - Issue #174

Greetings testers!

This week got lots of news about NFT and Tweets being sold for 2.5 million bucks. Where NFT is a non-fungible token that is used to prove ownership over a digital asset 💎

That made me think about other popular, token-based Android apps. Two of them I use from time to time - Brave browser and Voice social network.

Brave has BAT - A basic attention token that users can buy and use to tip creators from the browser. The browser has a Nightly version for testers as well.

📲 Brave Nightly on Google Play

Voice is based on EOS tokens which are used to price the creator's content. The whole project is still in the Beta phase.

📲 Voice on Google Play

I also know that there are lot's of blockchain games that support NFTs by design and I have one more crypto app for you to check below 📩

Do you know any other token-based apps worth checking?

What's New?

  • 🦊 Metamask beta, a crypto wallet for Etherium and NFTs
  • 🖼 Google One exclusive features on Google Photos
  • 📘 A hidden beta toggle in the Medium app

* TC newsletter is crafted in a way so you can try most of the features yourself. Search for the link with 📲 Emoji to get redirected to the right app.

Metamask beta, a crypto wallet for Etherium and NFTs

I checked beta apps that I was publishing to TestingCatalog before and found Metamask - an Etherium crypto wallet that you can use to store your NFTs. Either you buy a gif or a tweet or something else, you can save it there.

Would you buy an original screenshot of an early version of TestingCatalog website from 2015 by any chance? Gonna get expensive soon 😎

📲 Metamask beta on Google Play

Google One exclusive features on Google Photos

Google Photos limitations are closer than you think unless if you have a Pixel device. Non-pixel phones already got an update that introduces some features that would be only available to premium users of Google One.

Those features are rather minor but it looks like they are trying to increase the value of their subscription plan in this way.

📲 TestingCatalog coverage

📲 Google Photos on Google Play

A hidden beta toggle in the Medium app

Medium app has a beta version since 2015 and some time ago they also established an official beta community on Reddit. But it turns out that being on the Beta release track is not always enough. Recently I found a separate toggle in settings that allows you to switch to another experimental version of the app that they included in the same APK. The new UI is much simpler in lighter but I am not certainly sure for how long it was available over there.

📲 TestingCatalog coverage

📲 Medium Beta on Google Play

Happy Testing!

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