📲 Test #185 - Have you tried this new search engine?

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📲 Test #185 - Have you tried this new search engine?

Greetings testers!

Yes, Brave finally released their new search engine to the public beta and you can give it a try as well. There is a chance that we will finally get an alternative to Google and Bing (Microsoft, DuckDuck Go) search indexes. Brave uses its own search index but it still takes some part of results from Google and Bing.

There is one interesting historical fact about beta testing that I decided to share on our refreshed Snapchat Beta page. Did you know? The official Snapchat beta community had almost 3m members on Google+ back in 2016 and got suspended because it was making a huge load on the Google Cloud infrastructure?

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Brave released its search engine to public beta and you already can set it as the default
Earlier this year Brave announced its privacy-focused search engine. It became available in Early Access to a limited number of registered beta testers for some time and now it is finally available to the public. During the early access, beta testers were asked not to share any info or screenshots

How to set Brave search as the default:

  • Open Brave settings page.
  • Select the Search Engines option.
  • Select Standard tab.
  • Pick Brave search option.
Creators can now apply for Ticketed Spaces on Twitter for Android
There is a new tab on the Twitter sidebar that is called Monetisation. From there you will be able to apply for access to Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces. Super Follows feature will require at least 10k followers and only available on iOS for now. Ticketed Spaces feature only requires

Necessary requirements to apply for Ticketed Spaces:

  • You should have at least 1000 followers.
  • You should have hosted at least 3 Spaces within the past 30 days.
  • You should be at least 18 years old.
Discord is rolling out Stage discovery to more countries, adds favourite emojis section, and more
The stage discovery feature was released on June 1 to the US, AU, GB, and CA regions. The latest app change-log contains an explanation of this feature and now it seems to be available globally. rollin out stage discovery! browse public audio events and hop into the audience. want to

How to discover Stages on Discord:

  • Tap on the Stage Discovery tab from the bottom navbar.
  • Select a Stage and tap to join the conversation.

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Happy Testing!

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