Telegram X live locations feature overview

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Telegram X live locations feature overview

Telegram X is one of our top best Android apps and that is why this time we are going to focus on one of it's not so well known features called live locations. Live locations allow a user to share his location constantly to a chosen contact, or multiple contacts at the same time. If you are part of a group, then locations of participants will be showing up on a single map.

This is, in a way, similar to SnapMap in Shapchat, where you get a map and your friends' current location is marked on a map. Telegram X uses Google Maps as a maps provider by default, but there are other options you can choose from Settings > Privacy and Security > Map Preview Provider and Map Preview Provider in Cloud Chats. It also shows exact coordinates, so if you are lost, you can still find your way home. Other than that, it also suggests nearby places like cafes, restaurants and such. This is a pretty dope feature, and useful too, if you are going on a date with someone new and you don't know well the places around, or you name it.

To send a location, you have to tap on the attachments icon in the bottom toolbar in a chat screen and select the location icon. From there you can choose whether to share your current location or start sharing your live location. If you tap on the 'Share Live Location' button, you will get an option to choose for how long the location is going to be shared. If you swipe up though, you will get to see the previously mentioned suggestions for restaurants, and more.

Tell us if you are using live locations and what can be improved regarding them.

You can also check Telegram X beta to get all of the improvements and updates before everyone else does.