Telegram X beta catches up with slow mode and in-app updates

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Telegram X beta catches up with slow mode and in-app updates

This time it got a minor update to version with a bunch of different features. The biggest feature here is the in-app update support that will allow you to receive new Telegram X versions without a need to do it via Google Play.

Apart from this, it got slow mode support that allows group moderators to restrict message frequency in the chat. Here is a full changelog.

What's new:

— Added support for local updates bypassing the app store.
— Added ability to set up a slow mode in a group chat.
— The active sessions item is displayed on the "Settings" page.
— Added the "Save to music" button for the player.
— The assembly of native libraries on cmake has been rewritten.
— Added work on reproducible builds.
— Updated CameraX and other libraries.
— Support for the latest version of TDLib.
— Completely redesigned the processing of internal links.
— Added support for tg://settings links and other types.
— Added automatic build and notifications in @tgx_log.
— Preparation for the developer competition.
— Added transition to AGP 7.0.1
— Other changes.
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