Telegram X beta got a powerful theme editor and a new Night Black theme

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Telegram X beta got a powerful theme editor and a new Night Black theme

Telegram X is an alternative official client for Telegram messenger which has a beta release channel on Google Play. It's been a while since Telegram X was updated last time and in version users got a long-awaited themes editor.

With the possibility of adding custom translations introduced earlier and editing themes, Telegram X became as customizable as a standard Telegram app.

Full changelog: beta

  • Telegram X is now available in Arabic, Czech, Hebrew, Norwegian (Bokmål) and Persian
  • Theme Creator: Create themes using dozens of features dedicated for designers for finding perfect colours.
  • Install, Edit, Share themes created by the community
  • Brand new look of Night Black theme
  • Reworked text rendering in all places of the app. Now fonts have a much better look while using Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Persian, and many other languages
  • Boosted messaging speed: completely reworked how messages get sent internally and optimized loading speed of replies.
  • Message input field does not clip anymore when you scroll it
  • Choose wallpaper for night themes. When auto night mode enabled, it will be switched accordingly.

The first notable addition of this update is a Night Black theme. It is a pre-configured dark theme with fully dark colours. This theme can be found in the list of themes along with all others. Nav > Settings > Themes and Chats.

Themes Editor

Themes editor is a core addition of this update. It allows users to customize almost every piece of the app inside the app itself and share custom themes with others. This feature also allows you to adjust colours of the existing theme.

Themes editor can be found in the Themes settings menu.

Nav > Settings > Themes and Chats > Scroll down to "Create a new Theme"

"Create new" button will make a copy of the currently active theme. The user will be able to set a new name to it as well. After pressing "Create" button you will see an editor view where you can switch between 10 different tabs. Each tab represents a specific section (feature) or UI element of the app. Each tab has a list of customizable elements.

Each customizable element has a string code and a colour code. The colour of the element can be changed by opening a colour picker menu for the representing string code. The colour picker itself support transparency, hex values and other features. It is also possible to have multiple colour values assigned to the single string code.

The theme editor also has an additional settings menu on the top right where you can edit a theme name, select a colour format and customize some additional properties.

In most cases, the user will have to save the change and go back to the app in order to check how it looks. For some small elements like loading animation, the theme editor view provides a preview.

While themes editing is a new thing for Telegram X, Standard Telegram client has this feature for a long time already. You can get some inspiration by joining an official themes channel for Telegram app on Android. Now it is finally possible to recreate your favourite Telegram themes for Telegram X. Don't forget that you can also add your name or a name of your channel / group to the theme and it will be shown to all users who want to apply it.

Source: Telegram beta channel