Snapchat's SnapMap feature and everything you need to know about it

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Snapchat's SnapMap feature and everything you need to know about it

The Snapchat app has a feature called SnapMap and this time we are going to get to the bottom of the questions "What it does?" and "How does it work?".

To begin with, accessing SnapMap is possible from the main camera UI by pinching in with two fingers - quite tricky, huh? Then, you are going to be greeted with a map, where the live location of your friends is being displayed, and yours too. There are also being shown Snaps for popular buildings like museums, skyscrapers and such from other people as featured content.

Tapping on the location button at the bottom right gets you back to your location and shows you the weather at the bottom left. Tapping on an avatar of a friend shows you when was the last time he or she was online and where. By accessing the SnapMap settings, you gain control over location sharing options, and with whom, with possible exceptions included. Also, if you do not have a Bitmoji avatar, you get a shortcut for creating one.

Note: The SnapMap feature in the new alpha version of Snapchat is almost the same as the current one, but much faster and smoother.

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