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ZINIO is the best digital newsstand service in the world. It gives you access to a huge library of magazine content from a tremendous number of great publishers across the world, who write about a broad variety of different topics. ZINIO's Android app makes all of the same content easily accessible from any mobile device. By installing the app, you can browse your favorite magazine articles anytime, anywhere.

Its newest version 4.18.1 on Google Play has been made available to all testers who have signed up for the beta and it comes with a feature that, hopefully, is going to make your reading experience a lot more enjoyable. Please, continue reading for our detailed feature breakthrough.


  • Ability to change the background color of the article reader with gray and sepia filters, allowing for lower screen brightness to reduce eye fatigue.
  • Minor fixes and updates.

So, the new article background changing feature is a nice addition to ZINIO's feature set. It gives you the freedom of selecting the most suitable background color and text size/color combo for you and lets you adjust the brightness level of your display on the go, all from the same menu. You can choose between four different themes - Light, Sepia, Grey and Dark, with the latter actually setting the background color to pure black. To see all of those options, hit the 'Format' button in the bottom bar atop of any magazine article.

This particular beta also includes some minor fixes and updates to other parts of the app, so make sure to enter its testing program to get them earlier than others.

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Source: Google Play

  • ZINIO is the world’s first and largest digital newsstand, giving you access to magazine content from the best publishers across the globe
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