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The YouTube app's recent updates have brought numerous UI layout changes to the video playback and info screen. One difference to be noted is the separation of the comments section into a pop-up page, eliminating the clunkiness of the old interface. More so, the scrolling involved to get to the comments, past the recommendations, made things feel like that. The revamped menu houses the sort and close buttons at the top while keeping things as simple as possible.

Now that we've mentioned that, recently spotted by an XDA editor, YouTube is indeed experimenting with a new channel previewing feature found in the comments. Once you tap on a profile picture of a user, you get greeted by a bottom sheet containing information such as joining date, subscriber count, a subscribe button, plus highlighted content shared by that channel, e.g., comments and videos.

This change has been spotted in version 14.50.53 of the app, but as with all Google apps, it doesn't matter because they are keen on doing A/B tests. There is also no info whether we'll see this feature land soon, or not at all.

Credits: XDA-Developers

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