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Everyone knows Wikipedia, right? It is the one and only source for all kinds of info (history, technology, etcetera). Its mobile app for Android brings all of that exact same pile of information to the palm of your hand in a more phone-suited fashion with the inclusion of other benefits like themes and much more. The most recent update for Wikipedia beta comes with features that many of you will find useful. Let's see what is new in version 2.7.270 beta that came out yesterday.




  • Crash on Android 4.4.
  • Table of contents bugs.
  • Widget bugs.
  • Dialog bugs.


  • Sepia theme.
  • "Find text" function when editing.
  • Wikitext keyboard. Enhancements:
  • Reading list search function.
  • Enable zoom in/out in the editing screen.
  • Enable undo/redo in the editing screen.
  • Tabs screen.

As noted in the changelog, there are major fixes that have been added in this build, so in the future, you do not get any random crashes while using the app.

The new features that Wikipedia has added in this release are the 'Sepia' theme, the 'Find text' function and the 'Wikitext' keyboard. To have a clue about what those are as well as how you can enable them and so on, keep reading.

Sepia theme

This new theme is indeed easier on the eyes when reading, and more so at night because it shows yellowish tones, thus reducing the blue light shining directly in your eyes and reducing your melatonin levels. Melatonin is the hormone that is responsible for your sleep habits, so you get the bigger picture. You can switch to the aforesaid Sepia theme from Wikipedia's theme selection option inside the settings or by hitting the TT button at the bottom part of the screen in any article page.

Editing page updates

  • Addıtıonal toolbar buttons

If you land across Wiki's database often and do edit at times, now there is a new function that you may find handy. Perhaps, 'Find text' allows you to find an exact phrase or a word in a page instantly. No more poking around trying to find a word in 500+ word article. You only need to hit the icon with the magnifying glass atop a blank page in the toolbar. Other than that, there are options such as undo, re-do, zoom-in and zoom out.

  • Wikitext keyboard

The Wikitext keyboard provides extra tools for editing articles. In the form of a bottom toolbar, there are buttons for making a selected text bold, italic, adding links and so on. See the screenshots.


These are all of the important enhancements in Wikipedia's v 2.7.270 beta build in a nutshell. All in all, great! If you would like to try this version out on your own Android device, you can download the app from the link below. It does not require any sign-ups or such.

Source: Google Play

  • The official Wikipedia Android app is designed to help you find, discover, and explore knowledge on Wikipedia
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