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Discovered by @WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is indeed in a testing phase for two new features in the latest beta versions of their Android app. The corresponding updates have build numbers 2.18.362 and 2.18.363, with the most up-to-date one at the time of writing being v2.18.364, which has not introduced any notable changes that we are certainly aware of.

Consecutive voice messages

Let's say that someone has sent you two or more voice messages in a row. Whenever you hit the play button to start listening to the first one, with this feature set in place, the WhatsApp app will go ahead and play all of the other voice messages in the particular chat that are consecutive, without you needing to start each and all of them manually. Other than that, it will give a short audio signal to notify you when a voice message has ended, before switching to the next one in the queue.

There are two types of different tones for this quick alert here: one of them takes place when a voice message has been played back and there is another one coming up, with the second type confirming that there are no any other messages to be played. So, this is exactly why the name "consecutive voice messages" has been chosen. Albeit that WhatsApp users on IOS already have it with v2.18.100, we - Android users will have to wait for a while until it hits the shelves.

A new group call shortcut

Making group calls in WhatsApp has always been a tragedy. Seems like a fix for it is finally showing up on the horizon, or rather a relief for some, as in the works is a new shortcut coming to groups, tapping on which will ask you who do you want to call from the group and do you want to make a voice call, or a video call instead. Previously, to start a group call, users had to call one person, and later on add other participants.

All of the upcoming features that we talked about are still in active development, so stay tuned to be informed about the time that they get officially released.

Screenshots: @WABetaInfo

Source: WABetaInfo.com - Link 1, Link 2

  • WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones
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