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The Chrome browser, entirely built by Google, is maybe one of the fastest, if not the fastest web browser as of today, available on many mobile and desktop platforms. With that said, this year Google is working even harder to improve the user experience that their product offers, cut down on waiting times, and a lot more.

Faster and smoother operations

As we mention, speed in web browsing is one of the key factors when choosing a web browser. Based on data that has been shared on the Chromium Blog, which we will also link below, sites nowadays are using on an average eight times more JavaScript code in comparison to 2011. Imagine trying to run the same large code on an underpowered device, such as a smartphone. Your experience will be far from satisfactory. Even though that optimizing the speed is one of the most important goals for Google to a achieve the great user experience level possible, smoothness and reliability are also a priority.

The launch of PWAs (progressive web apps) was another step forward to delivering a native app-like experience inside a browser. Its main target was mobile devices, but these days more work is being done to bring PWAs to desktop operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux as well.

Modern navigation

The current navigation system from one web page to another one is not as instantaneous as we would certainly like. Users often have to stare at a white screen until a page finally decides to load. To combat this, the Chrome team had started designing a new API, which will allow developers to adjust and optimize every aspect of their website, so it performs as good as possible on all kinds of devices, including mobile phones.

Improving frameworks

Frameworks play a huge role in performance, and to achieve further enhancements Google is launching a fund with an initial amount of $200,000 to support the development of performance-related features in third-party frameworks. What this means to us is that we may see many fresh ideas from a lot of talented and experienced people around the world merged to Chrome.

Chrome's future is looking to be on the bright side. Let us know what are your gripes using on your Androids.

Source: Chromium Blog - Link 1, Link 2

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