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VLC is a fully-open-source and community-driven project. It is a video/music playback software available for numerous operating systems, including the one we all fancy (You know which one I am talking about!) Of course, it has a beta testing program and the latest build has been released for all early adopters. Version 3.0.99 aims to improve upon a handful amount of "issues" that we will get to in a bit. As always, the release notes go first.


  • Onboarding screen for new users
  • Add a sticky header during audio lists scroll
  • Fix albums/artists/genres not being updated during a scan
  • Fix Subtitle download requests not being sent
  • 'Save Playback Speed' option is now OFF by default
  • Crash fixes

Onboarding screen

The most obvious change, or addition per se, is the new onboarding page, or in other words, a welcome screen for newbies. It helps them do the quick initial setup of the app. For example, VLC asks for some necessary permission like storage access, lets users also choose their desired theme, or set it to auto mode so it switches to the more appropriate one depending on the time of the day. Helpful stuff all around.

Sticky header

The next useful behavior change is with the header in the audio library. When scrolling through your tracks list you will notice that the letter you are in is being displayed below the status bar for your convenience.

'Save Playback Speed' option

Other than those two, VLC now sets the 'Save Playback Speed' option to off by default. You can still enable it if you desire. For your information, It lives inside the Interface section in the settings.

To summarize things up, it looks like VLC is undergoing a user experience optimization phase for newcomers. Although, in the meantime, they have done some bug fixing job that is totally appreciable.

You can enter that same testing program from the links further down this page.

Source: Google Play

  • VLC media player is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as discs, devices, and network streaming protocols
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