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WhatsApp's updates and feature roll-outs are quite hard to keep track of, but we are doing our best at making sure that you get informed about anything new and worthy as soon as it becomes available. Meanwhile, the 2.18.385 beta release can be downloaded from the Play Store and it comes with two important features, but before everything, let's see what the official changelog says.


  • When you receive a link to a video from places like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, you can now play it right within WhatsApp. With picture-in-picture, you can keep watching the video while you chat.
  • You can now reply to a group message privately in your 1:1 chat. Tap and hold a message in a group chat and select ‘Reply privately’.

PIP mode for videos

Picture-in-picture mode, supported by devices running Android Oreo 8.0 and above, actually brings multitasking to a whole new level. While you can still use multi-window, this way you can watch videos, move them around freely and continue using your phone. WhatsApp's PIP mode is a welcome addition, though, at the moment, it does not work properly at least with YouTube videos. Tapping on the play button shows that the video is going to start playing in picture-in-picture mode, but then comes up a pop-up asking to chose an app to open the URL. Also, for this to work, you may need to manually allow WhatsApp to utilize this mode by opening your Settings app. For devices with stock-like software, you should be able to find it by heading into the Apps & notifications section - Special app access - Picture-in-picture.

Private replies in group chats

If you want to continue a conversation from a group chat with a particular member of it, there is now a new button, which lets you reply privately. It can be selected from a menu, but to see that one, first, you will have to long-press on a message to highlight it and then tap on the three-dot menu key in the action bar.

Source: Google Play

  • WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones
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