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Discord is a chat app dedicated especially for all gamers around the world. It is mostly popular for its server, i.e groups, which can be organized by topics. Also, provides an enormous amount of tools for properly managing a server, with a high grade of detailed permission assigning options built-in. Its most recent update published on the Google Play Store comes with a version number bump to 8.3.3 and available for all beta testers who have joined Discord's open testing program.


Discord Season 3 DLC drop:

  • Spoilers Ahead || What you can't see can't hurt you || for only 80 Discord Premium Points
  • Messages are now always sent in the order you sent them. What a concept!
  • Supports better send consistency and retries during bad connections, like a good boi.
  • Space and time mastered: upload progress bars for each file. Don't you guys have files?

Notable Buffs:

  • Video quality adaption
  • Spotify bugfixes

As stated in the release notes by Discord's developers, messages in chats are now being ordered by the time of sending, which has been the classic way to do in other apps for decades. I cannot think of a reason why they had to change it, but it is okay because they have brought it back, kind of. Another, perhaps, improvement comes with the inclusion of a system that checks and retries sending a message in times of Internet connection drops, so you have the peace of mind that your stuff will eventually get delivered where it needs to. The third most notable addition is a bar that indicates file upload progress - a visual indication of how big of a chunk for a particular file has been sent to their servers. Besides, the fixes coming with this build are minor and mostly video quality and Spotify-related.

Make sure to join Discord's beta from the buttons below this article and hit us in case you any problems come up with the sign-up process.

Source: Google Play

  • Discord is the only cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers
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