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The initial beta's for Telegram's next update have been dropped yesterday and are surely packed with plenty of interesting stuff. So, as of the time of writing, there isn't an official changelog provided, but, sure enough, we have got our hands on pretty much everything that has been changed or added thanks to other sources.

  • Search for settings

As the Telegram team is adding more and more options and sections to the settings page, the need for a search functionality has been deemed necessary. With this update installed, once you get inside the settings of the app, you will notice right away the magnifying glass icon in the action bar, which does also let you search for frequently asked questions.

  • New icon for messages in the notifications shade

The old icon for notifications has been replaced with a plain white paper plane icon.

  • Emoji predictions

While typing, similar to Gboard, now Telegram also natively supports emoji predictions, which are being shown above the message entry panel inside a small bubble. Sadly, It is restricted to selected languages only.

  • Bigger emojis

By sending a limited number of emojis (1-3) in a message, you can get them to be displayed in bigger sizes. So, the more the emojis, the smaller the size.

  • Search for emojis and sticker packs

A search bar in the emoji and sticker panels have been included as well.

  • Delete chat histories for other participants

Previously, deleting individual messages for others chat participants was possible, but now they are letting us delete whole chats at once.

  • Profile photo visibility

You can select exactly who can see your profile photo from Settings - Privacy and Security - Profile Photo.

  • Profile links for forwarded messages

Another extra privacy setting that has been added allows choosing who can link to your account when forwarding a message of yours (You can set it up in Settings - Privacy and Security - Forwarded Messages.)

These are most of the new additions in Telegram's 5.5.0 beta build for Android. Let us know if you have come across some other differences.

Credits: telegram-android-beta


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