Twitter beta for Android Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

"Lights Out" mode has been tested with a limited amount of users for a while now but today it has been released with the alpha version of Twitter for Android. And it means that you can easily try it out!

How to enable "lights out" dark mode

First of all, you need to get Twitter alpha APK. There are two options available:

As soon as you have an APK with the latest version 8.19.0-alpha.03 (or higher) you can find a new setting in the menu.

How to enable "Lights Out" dark mode on Twitter?

You need to navigate to the settings menu from the app drawer > "settings and privacy".

  1. Navigate to "Display and sound" in the General section.
  2. Make sure that Dark Mode setting is "on".
  3. Click on Dark Mode appearance and select the "Lights Out" option.

The difference between "lights out" and "dim" dark modes and required version

What "Lights Out" mode is about?

You can play with this setting by switching between "lights out" and "Dim" options. Both of them are dark where "Dim" is more grey and dark is closer to "true black". If you use an AMOLED dark theme for some reason, the "lights out" mode is your choice.

Regardless of this option, Twitter doesn't have support for a system-wide dark mode which I will be quite happy to use. Currently, you will have to enable it manually or set to an automatic mode which will trigger it according to the time of the day.

Do you prefer a try black over the dark grey?

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