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After the scandal with Instagram's shift from a fully chronological to a machine learning-driven way of displaying posts in the feed, there were left out lots of unsatisfied and confused users. Happily enough, they got up and released a fix last year, sort of, cleaning up that non-intentionally created mess. At least most of the time publications on Instagram are now mainly ordered by date.

The dilemma is similar here - Since 2015 Twitter is using machine learning to rank up the best tweets you are likely to crave to see first and calls the option “Show me the best tweets first.” This was a pretty controversial decision, and many users were not happy at all because even though they had been selecting this option, they were still getting some older tweets appearing in their timelines, thus continuously asking Twitter to revert that change. As a result, Twitter has begun enabling a switch inside their Android and IOS apps for toggling back to the old-fashioned chronological ordering of tweets.

As an acceptable resolution to this highly controversial topic, a new button has started showing up for a large number of users allowing them to choose their preferred sorting method. This "magic" button is being enabled server-side and is located on the right side of the action bar inside the Twitter app for Android. Hitting it opens up a menu, from where you can select if you would like the "top" tweets to be displayed first, or either the newest ones.

We are glad that Twitter has listened and made the right decision because it is one of the most popular social networks and is respected by many influencers and companies in the tech industry.

This feature is under testing as of right now, so everything related may be subject to change. We will always be keeping you informed if there are any developments regarding, so be sure to stay tuned to TestingCatalog.

Via: XDA Developers

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