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Comments about elections and politics, in general, on Twitter are an everyday thing, with shared Tweets that show someone's support for a party with the mass public or either describing their humble views. Recently, Twitter representatives have decided to tighten the possibility of even remote manipulation or any kind of interference with ongoing elections like the ones already running in India and the EU. Thus, the built-in post reporting tools have gained new options to help with tackling those types of publications shared on the platform.

Types of content in violation

  • Wrong or misleading information about the ways to vote. For example, if a person says that you can vote by a tweet, SMS, email, a phone call, etc.
  • Misleading information in regards to the identification data required for voting, and more.
  • False statements about the official time and date of an election.

How to report a misleading Tweet

  1. Open the Twitter app for Android
  2. Hit the arrow button at the top-right side of the post you would like to report to open the drop-down menu.
  3. Tap on the 'Report Tweet' button.
  4. Choose "it’s misleading about voting" as a reason.
  5. Select the option that best tells how the Tweet you are reporting is misleading in regards to voting.
  6. Finally, submit your report.

This more straightened approach for handling Tweets that contain wrong information about elections is now fully operational in all of the supported regions, e.g. India and the EU. You may take advantage of the 'Report' button if you notice a Tweet alike.

Source: Twitter's Blog

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