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After the twittr app debut at the beginning of this week, there is now a new Twitter update available on the Play Store. This one, in particular, comes with a completely renewed in-app camera interface and new ways to access it. Here is the proper changelog for this version with build number 7.86.0 stable, and later on we will go through our detailed feature walkthrough.


We gave our camera an upgrade! Swipe left from your timeline or tap the camera icon in the Tweet composer to share photos, videos, or a live stream with your followers.

New UI

The first and foremost refreshingly different change comes with the ways you can enter the camera UI. Basically, there is such an easy swipe right gesture that you can always perform from the home page to get to the camera, including a separate tiny button for the same purpose in the tweet composing page.

Entering the overhauled camera page reveals that many of the quick at the top portion of the screen toggles have swapped places and the record button is missing. Instead, to start recording a video you have to long-press the shutter button and release it when you are done, which resembles the video recording process in other social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat for example.

The third major differentiation is in the built-in Gallery section, where the options to take a photo, record a video and start a live stream are gone absent. I clearly see the reason behind, because we already have two other ways to access the same things. Why would we need a third one?

Old UI

These such significant redesigns of all camera-related views and menus, in addition to the new swipe gesture in Twitter for Android, have obviously been inspired by other popular social apps that anyone can name, but that is not such a bad thing if the user experience improves by a good margin, which it does for sure in this situation.

Source: Google Play

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