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As good English skills are essential for app testers, there are certainly multiple ways to overcome this language barrier and be able to write great software test reports. For example, there are websites as well as applications for translation and grammar correcting that you can rely on if you have some basic knowledge about English and how to use it.

Here are our top 4 picks for Android apps that will help you write high-quality application test reports with ease.

Google Translate

Translate by Google is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best translation app. It uses Artificial Intelligence and many other Machine Learning-based technologies to provide you the best and most accurate translations overall.

Microsoft Translator

A solid alternative to our number one spot comes from Microsoft. Translator is pretty simple to use and works offline too.

Yandex.Translate & @YTranslateBot for Telegram

Yandex.Translate is just as good as our other recommendations. It works with no Internet connection and can be used inside Telegram via the @YTranslateBot, which is fantastic!

Grammarly Keyboard

Knowing and using the right words is important, but just as important is the order you write them in. Grammarly can help you accomplish this somewhat difficult task with its extraordinary spell checking and outta world grammar correcting features. And from my experience using it, I can only say that it is my favorite. If you are interested, there is also a Grammarly extension for Google Chrome available.

Providing extensive and comprehensive reports while maintaining coherence at a particular level is a key component of being a professional tester. Furthermore, focusing on your language skills will be a bonus point because app developers will not have to guess what you are trying to say 50% of the time.

Bonus section

DeepL is another service suggested by our reader @Christian which is outperforming similar services. Unfortunately, it doesn't have an Android app but the website can be easily used on mobile.

Happy Testing!

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