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A new application from My Dreams Dev in early development stages got pushed out on the Play Store for testing, before its official launch. Aiming to set the bar for a "virtual" personal trainer, it does take on the task of helping you achieve your goals and dreams, hence the name 🔥

My Dreams covers a broad range of self-improvement topics such as health, personality, relationships, work, and a dozen more. Furthermore, you can mark goals as complete when they are, or postpone them for a later date and time through the Update Status menu. For completing each task, you earn a set amount of coins (100, 200, etc.), and after that, you can use them to activate more advanced topics in the app by making a purchase.

Apart from the good stuff - the idea behind the creation of My Dreams, it does have small issues that urgently need ironing out. One - there are blurry UI elements in a number of places: the text on the splash screen, the icons in the Update Status menu and the icons on the preferences page, and two - hitting the back button results in the confirmation dialog to exit the app to be shown, which is reproducible in all four main sections. An option to set a profile picture from the profile settings is absent at this time, thus adding one is advisable to the developer. The last thing to note is that tapping on a card in the Today view does nothing, perhaps showing more details about the action with a picture of sorts would fit better.

Peeps, if you need help with self-control or other personality development problems, feel free to try out My Dreams, and do keep in mind that it is still in early access state, so report bugs as soon as you can via the Play Store.

  • Develop habits that will help your personal growth and will assist you to become the best version of yourself
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