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Dark Mode Preview

There have been numerous rumors flying around the Internet about WhatsApp bringing a dark mode since last year, and yet here we are finally with proof. As you may know, @WABetaInfo is the guy who loves tearing down WhatsApp updates and posts his findings online. His latest discoveries do come for version 2.19.82 beta update and consist of screenshots that showcase the upcoming and currently work-in-progress dark theme for WhatsApp's Android app as well as one more not so exciting feature.

Dark mode

The current implementation of dark/night mode, as shared, is still in development and there is no easy way to enable, though, @WABetaInfo has been able to successfully get it working. The screen grabs posted on his blog clearly show that WhatsApp is betting on a very dark background color and not black, which, I am sure, many of you would prefer instead. Also, those are only for the settings portion of the app, thus, so far we do not know how the chats would look like.

Audio filenames

Starting with version 2.19.82 beta, the app now displays audio filenames in chat threads. Those do appear inside message bubbles with attached audio files on them and below the corresponding progress bars.

WhatsApp's dark theme variant may not be as battery efficient as it can be when looking at how common these days phones with OLED displays are and the substantial power-saving benefits from using black colors. Happily enough, this is still an initial implementation, so things are susceptible to change. There is no deadline or an exact release date but be sure that you will get informed as soon as the dark mode in WhatsApp for Android becomes available, so you can enjoy chatting with your friends at night without putting your precious eyes under too much strain.

Note: The newest WhatsApp build is actually v2.19.83 beta.

Source: WABetaInfo

  • WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones
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