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SoundCloud is a music service that many of you must be familiar as it has a huge library for great music by lots of independent creators as well as podcasts, but not limited to. There is a new update released a couple of days ago for SoundCloud for Android, which has an ongoing beta program, hence why we are covering it ;). This version does bring a cool new feature that I am sure every single one of you will fall in love with. First of all, let's get straight to the release notes and I will share more about it later on.


This beta release contains exciting new features we've been working on recently.

We added search on likes and comments on the waveform!

We rely on your feedback to improve this app, so please let us know if you find any issues via Soundcloud Help Community!

Version 2019.02.13-beta does indeed bring a new way for viewing comments. It lets you see them by just swiping across the waveform and does also display them automatically above the scrubber, according to the time of progress that they have been posted. This is a small change and a pretty smart idea at the same time. Please note that it took me a couple of re-installs and updates to get it to function, so take your chances and best of luck!

PS: No likes are being displayed as stated in the changelog with the aforementioned SoundCloud version installed on my phone, so your results may vary. Let me know if it works for you.

Source: Google Play

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