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Netflix is one of the main players in the online content delivery business and everyone's favorite. There is currently a beta program running for their app on the Play Store, so let's see what is new in this 7.0.1 beta update.


We are always looking for better ways to deliver a great Netflix experience. In this release, we leverage the new App Bundle publishing format to make our app smaller and better optimized for your device.

Android App Bundles

To give you a sense of what Android App Bundles are in a summary:

"When using the Android App Bundle feature of Android Studio, one artifact of an app is being built (includes compiled code, resources such as localizations and native libraries) and later on Google Play’s Dynamic Delivery system builds, signs and serves APKs that are optimized for each device configuration."

All of this is being done solely by the Play Store, so no further input from developers is needed.

Benefits from using Android App Bundles

Well, number one - smaller app size, two - better in-app performance due to the lower memory/storage overhead and three - developers do not need to spend time building different versions of their apps for different devices and configurations.

Android App Bundles and Netflix

In the case of Netflix, all APKs for earlier version are well over 27 megabytes in size, while the newest v7.0.1 build with App Bundles enabled is just around 14 and a half megabytes, or merely 50%. This will, of course, differ depending on the device you have, the language you have set and so many other factors, but a nice improvement nevertheless.

How to check an installed app's APK size

If you would like to see how much storage the Netflix' APK installed on your Android device takes up, or any other app, you can use MiXplorer, Solid Explorer and such file managers of your choice to do so. With MiXplorer, you have to open the side panel with bookmarks, select 'App' and search for 'Netflix,' as for Solid Explorer, pretty much the same can be applied.

It is great to see developers embracing Google's new and smart technologies for building Android apps, This particular one is great for lower-end phones with limited storage space, so we hope others make the jump as well.

Source: Google Play, Android Developers

  • Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone
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