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Phones with notches, i.e. cutouts, or camera punch holes are sort of the norm right now, with newer trends like pop-up camera devices slowly entering the smartphone market as we speak. As to whether I am a fan of the former, the straight answer is no. I don't like my screen occluded by a black stripe, a hole, or anything of that matter.

My dislikes aside, I went on and picked up some of the most useful applications for such devices, perhaps to hide the notch or more. So without any hesitation, let's dive in.

1. Nacho Notch

To get around that visual disturbance of you know what, Nacho Notch comes to the rescue. It not only can mask the Android status bar but also it does come with an additional set of features. For example, you can virtually have endless customizability in regards to the status bar and navbar thickness, blacking them out included, plus top and bottom manual corner radius settings. Sadly, it only functions when your device is in portrait orientation and not on top of the lock screen, for now. Support for those two would be an all-important necessity.

📲 Nacho Notch on Google Play

2. Notch Notifications for MIUI

Mainly targeted at Xiaomi users, Notch Notifications for MIUI brings back the handy-dandy status bar notification icons to all phones that have a cutout and run on Xiaomi's proprietary MIUI 10 and above. It is especially beneficial to Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi 9, and Pocophone F1 owners.

📲 Notch Notifications for MIUI on Google Play

3. Notch Pie

If you want a fancy battery charging animation, Notch Pie is the easiest one to set up. As a bonus, it is totally free and open-source at the same time. If you like the app, you should consider making a small donation to support the development of it.

📲 Notch Pie on Google Play

4. Battery Notch

Battery Notch has identical functionalities to Notch Pie and works great too.

📲 Battery Notch on Google Play

5. PowerLine

This one can displays battery level as well, with the added benefit of showing loads of different types of other device status information, like Wi-Fi signal level, etcetera.

📲 PowerLine on Google Play

6. Energy Ring for Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series

Energy Ring is made for the more recent Samsung Galaxy phones with display front camera holes and uses the space around it to graphically show the battery percentage.

📲 Energy Ring - Galaxy S10/e/5G/+ battery indicator! on Google Play

📲 Energy Ring - Note 10/5G/+ battery indicator! on Google Play

That's my list with the coolest Android apps for phones with display cutouts. If you have other worthy suggestions, please, be sure to drop 'em down in the comments.

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