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Telegram X v0.20.10.958 beta brings along a ton of bug fixes and enhancements with some very handy toggles added. Let's go through the very very detailed changelog and then we will share our thoughts.

What's new?

  • Completely reworked delete chat / return to chat logic (delete chat / leave group / leave channel / clear history / return to group / return to channel buttons) on all screens (chats list, chat itself, profile)
  • Leave Channel / Leave Group for its creators from the chats list / chat and profile screen
  • Return to Group / Return to Channel through three-dot menu, when available
  • When deleting a secret chat, specify if you'd like to delete history on other party's side
  • When leaving a basic group chat, specify if you'd like to delete chat from the list or just leave without deleting history
  • Save GIF in full-screen GIF viewer
  • Video Messages tab in shared media / saved messages
  • Tap to open full-screen viewer when autoplay GIFs disabled
  • High-quality preview of the GIF when autoplay GIFs disabled
  • When autoplay GIFs option disabled, video messages won't move while paused as well, and this option applies to shared media as well
  • Moved: Destroy group / channel is now located on manage group / channel screen inside three-dot menu (and only if there are less than 1000 members)
  • Updated TDLib version
  • Added "Copyright" as chat report reason
  • Added Settings - Privacy & Security - Delete all cloud drafts
  • Significantly reduced CPU & memory usage taken by each GIF and video message, thus, they display much faster and smoother (most noticeable when you scroll shared GIFs or @gif results)
  • Collapsed some message menu items to "More" in order to reduce its size (also removed "Select" option for the same reason)
  • Playback position is now properly saved when you pause/resume app while playing videos


  • When a new message arrives into the open chat, the sound will play only for messages that need notification
  • "Too Many Requests: retry after X" error message
  • USER_NOT_MUTUAL_CONTACT error message
  • Contextual information in pop-ups (i.e. usernames or chat titles) is now highlighted in bold
  • Censorship circumvention
  • Relative date calculation
  • "Disconnect all websites" pop-up style
  • Added "Done" pop-up when clearing payment & shipping info
  • GIF preview open animation


  • GIF preview in @gif is beneath keyboard on some devices
  • Separators in some pop-ups are too thick
  • Video slider is not white on non-default themes
  • "Can't access chat" message when deleting chat from the chat screen
  • "Can't access chat" when trying to write to some public chats
  • "Promote to Admin" doesn't work when you long-press member in a regular group
  • When forwarding messages to a channel, "silent broadcast" setting is ignored
  • "As X messages" calculates incorrectly when selecting media
  • Image doesn't load when choosing wallpaper
  • Incorrect date format on call list (missing date & year)
  • Incorrect state of play/pause button when opening a video from the gallery
  • Incorrect state of play/pause button, when pausing GIF and switching to other GIF
  • Incorrect days of the week in shared media
  • Sticker suggestion results may be duplicated
  • Device-specific crash that could occur while trying to play GIF
  • When media group arrives to an open chat, only first image is displayed

The first thing we're going to touch on is the new pop-up style they are gradually implementing throughout the whole UI of the app. The menu items are being shown at the bottom and confidential information is highlighted in bold fonts and colors. Next is the freshly added Videos tab where are shown all video files from your chats in a grid view. Also, the GIF playback optimizations from the previous version continue here, resulting in a huge performance increase and lower battery consumption. Now you can use your phone longer.

The Telegram X developers are working non-stop and that's why we are getting new beta releases a couple of times a week with many much-needed usability improvements. A big "Thank you!" to them for their work from our side. If you any issues or ideas and you'd like them to be implemented, write them down in the comments section.

  • An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features
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