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Telegram X is an official alternative Telegram client with its own set of crazy good features and very distinct user interface. There were no updates released for it since the middle of last December, so it has been such a long time, until now. Two new betas were posted on March 9 and the first one comes with a pretty lengthy list with changes, while the most recent update fixes a major bug, but more on it later. Let's first go through the full changelog for v0.21.6.1062 beta that has been posted by the developers of the app.


Telegram X is now available in Finnish, Tamil, Czech and Turkish.

Notifications 2.0: Rebuilt from scratch with advanced controls for active users & improved reliability

  • Notifications from different chat kinds are displayed separately
  • Dismissed notifications no longer reapper, when new message arrives
  • Have full control over mentions, replies and pinned messages. Both globally & per-group
  • Disable message preview from specific chats
  • Dramatically improved notifications reliability
  • Reduced background battery usage
  • New badge counter settings
  • Separate notification settings for channels
  • Notification when somebody creates a secret chat with you
  • Granular settings allowing to control notifications behavior as you wish
  • You will no longer receive accidental notifications, when you are chatting on the other device
  • Contents of pinned message is displayed in the notification
  • Improved speed of receiving messages when app is open
  • "New Contacts Notification" is now synced by the cloud
  • Hide Secret Chats from Lock Screen
  • [Android Oreo and above]: single notification category for private chats and group mentions ("Private Chats and Mentions")
  • [Android Oreo and above]: Vibration / sound settings are no longer displayed, when unused by the notification style
  • "Reset All Notifications" now resets all notification customizations
  • Hints when notifications are turned off in system settings or blocked for any reason by system
  • Error badges when some notifications are blocked by system
  • When many messages arrive at once, only single notification will have sound
  • Samsung Edge Display support for notifications
  • Notifications will reappear when other user has edited a message (only in private chats by default)
  • Hints when system auto sync turned off

Features and changes

  • Create & Participate in Polls
  • Pin messages in saved messages and any groups
  • Improved censorship circumvention
  • Change audio playback position without waiting for the file to download
  • Incomplete login attempts in the sessions list
  • Advanced Peer-to-Peer in Calls setting, synced by cloud
  • Share contacts to other apps
  • Open cloud chat from the secret chat screen
  • links support
  • Open chat with bot in websites sessions list
  • Alternative options list when logging out
  • tg://login?code=... & links support
  • Support for nested languages
  • links support
  • Improved speed of switching languages
  • System sound picker (allows setting any custom notification sound)
  • Improved resuming app from the background
  • Updated libtgvoip to 2.4.3
  • Telegram X is now optimized for x86_64 processors
  • Better handling of hardware keyboards on login & password screens
  • Online member count in supergroups
  • Better sorting in supergroups members list
  • "Apply to All" when choosing emoji tone
  • When previewing stickers, after sticker menu appears you will still be able to move finger to view other stickers
  • Improved stickers scrolling in stickers keyboard
  • Improved opening chats with unread messages


  • [Android Pie and above]: Images may be displayed with wrong rotation in the attach menu
  • [Android Oreo and above]: Unused duplicate notification categories
  • [Android Pie and above][Device-specific]: Music player notification not removed after closing player
  • When viewing own restrictions in a group, due date is clickable
  • Return button works properly when entering a code / password / email / etc
  • Self-destructing media in media viewer
  • Online status may not be updated in supergroup members list
  • Bugs related to custom notification settings
  • Crashes


The most notable new stuff is the updated notification settings with even more advanced options for you to tinker with, improvements in relation to Android's notification channel system on devices running Oreo and above, and support for the Samsung-exclusive Edge Display feature as a mighty bonus.


Another useful addition is the poll feature, which came like a month ago to the original Telegram app. From now on you can create your own polls with Telegram X on the go and do as many questionnaires as you want, no limits, no nothing.

Reportedly, version beta has not been working on armeabi-v7a, or, in other words, 32-bit devices), so version has been published on the Play Store to address that issue. Also, these releases pack a mouthful amount of bug fixes, performance improvements and lower down the background battery drain, thus we are suggesting you to hurry up and update immediately if you haven't already.

Source: Telegram X channel

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  • An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features
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