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Telegram X app for Android received a plethora of updates and bug fixes this month and here's our review. Let's go through the main features:

Passcodes for Secret Chats and Fingerprint Unlock

  • You can set-up an additional Passcode Lock of any type and options for Secret Chats. When enabled, it will be required each time you access a specified Secret Chat and its content will be hidden on the chats page. Set it up by using the three-dot menu.
  • You choose between PIN, Password, Pattern, Gesture, and Fingerprint (when available) locking.
  • You can enable Fingerprint to work in parallel with every other locking method.
  • The global passcode and passcodes for Secret Chats are brute-force protected. When someone tries to find out your passcode, they'll be locked for up to 5 minutes, and changing any device setting or restarting the phone will not enforce them. So, it's secure as hell!


  • Tapping on a GIF opens it in the full screen. There are new controls at the bottom, such as play, pause, and rewind.
  • GIFs are now being played at their original quality and speed.
  • High-res GIF previews and improved autoplay.
  • Significantly improved CPU and memory usage taken by each GIF. They start faster too.

Shared GIFs, Voice and Video Messages tabs

  • Three new Shared Tabs are available: GIFs, Voice Messages, and Video Messages. They are not visible when there's no content to show.
  • The Audio tab is now hidden in case there's no content to show.
  • New tabs are available in Saved Messages as well.

MTProxy and Censorship Circumvention

Due to government restrictions, Telegram is not available in some countries, e.g., Russia. To overcome this forced censorship, they've added new proxy methods and many configuration options.

  • Save configurations, quickly switch between them and check their availability.
  • MTProxy support.
  • See if Telegram is available without proxies in your region.
  • When at least one configuration is available, a quick toggle will be located in the app menu.

Playback through the earpiece

  • When playing Voice messages, you can raise the phone to your ear, to listen to a voice message from the earpiece.
  • Optionally. you can turn it on for Video messages from Settings – Interface.


Here's a short summary of everything chats-related:

  • Messages get read as you scroll in the chat.
  • If you didn't finish reading unread messages when you open a chat again, the scroll position will remain the same.
  • Mark chats as read / unread.
  • 'Mark as read' notification shortcut. You can find more info about it from here.
  • Slide up to open a chat from the Chat Preview.
  • Hold on chat avatars to reorder the Pinned Chats.
  • Leave Channel/Leave Group for its creators from the Chats list/chat and profile screen.
  • When deleting a secret chat, you can specify if you'd like to delete the history for the other side too.
  • When leaving a basic group chat, you can specify if you'd like to delete the chat from your chats list, or just leave it, without deleting the history.
  • Destroy a group/channel is moved to manage group/channel page inside the three-dot menu (only if there are less than 1000 members).
  • Select a text and press the link icon to create a link, without using markdown tags.
  • Select a text and tap on the three-dot menu to see the text styling options, in case the system controls are not being displayed.
  • Search users among restricted members banned members and admins.
  • When you tap on a hashtag in a channel, you will see all messages containing it as a list. Tap the header to toggle on the global search.
  • View messages from the specific group member or a channel admin by using clicking on the option from the message menu, or holding on a member's name in the members' list.

Phew, that's a huge changelog! But wait, there is more. You can read the full list of changes from here or here. Also, you can subscribe to the beta program from our website and read our guide on how to report bugs for Telegram X from here.

To wrap things up, it's been a very busy month for all Telegram X developers. We got plenty of bug fixes and performance improvements, including some very useful feature additions. Maybe, the most important thing is the censorship circumvention options.

  • An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features
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