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Following the Telegram app, Telegram X v0.20.11.980 beta also adds custom localizations, but not only that. First, let's see the changelog for this release:

What's new?

  • Install custom localizations from XML files
  • Switch between installed localizations. Delete them by swiping or holding
  • New tools for both translators and custom localization files creators
  • Slightly reordered items in the settings
  • More available message text sizes
  • Changed the text size of message and caption input fields
  • Enable Size Scaling: Turn on to apply system font size changes (Settings - Themes - Text Size - Three-dot Menu)
  • Reset text size to default in the three-dot menu when
  • Chat text size now applies to replies too (only to the content)
  • Chat text size no longer applies to bios and descriptions
  • When playing a game, the corresponding status will be set properly
  • Icons when selecting output channel during a call


  • Pause icon size in the in-app YouTube player is too small
  • Alert dialogs are not translated regardless of the chosen language
  • "OK" cannot be translated
  • Bold text for some languages may not be working in some parts of the UI

What are localizations and how do they work

Localizations are translations. They can be official and unofficial. You can add your own translations too, and now there are more tools that will make the process a lot easier. You can get some tips about this feature from the Telegram X Localizations channel, or about translations from our previous post named Translating Telegram Beta for Android, where we also mentioned how you can contribute, or become a translation team member. Also, the official strings are available on the Telegram Translations website and Transifex.

How to add a custom localization file

To import an XML localization file, you have to download it as an attachment from a Telegram message. If you have downloaded it from the web, then you can add the file to your Saved Messages and then tap on it to apply it.

How to make your own localizations/translations

To create your own localizations, head into Settings - Language, tap on the icon with a question mark in the action bar and choose 'CREATE'. Type your locale code to create a localization file for the language you want. Now it will show up in the Language page where you can translate the strings, share them as an XML, or delete the file.

To wrap things up: So, custom translations are a cool new way of customizing an app to the max, but things like importing localizations should be a lot simpler than the current way of doing it. Let's see what comes in the future...

  • An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features
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