Telegram X Beta - Alternative client for Android Community Report 📲 POCOPHONE F1

Telegram X got 10 new updates this month, mostly related to translations and localizations. Let's see some of the highlight features that came with the builds released since the beginning of September:

Editing channels and supergroup content/info

You can now edit channel and supergroup descriptions and links by just tapping on them. Things are much easier now, aren't they?

New settings entries

There is a new settings entry in Settings - Interface named 'Remember media grouping setting' - When enabled, the last used media grouping settings will be saved. Another one is 'Save edited photos to gallery', which is also in the Interface section and is on by default.

Access to more directories for file attaching

Now, there is access to the root directory of the file system on your device and the Telegram media folders.

UI changes

When entering picture-in-picture, the navigation bar color will be updated properly and the pop-up style when adding proxies is looking different now. Also, date timestamps are being shown when viewing someone's profile photos.


There are new localizations added and improvements to the Chat Preview, which is used in Settings - Themes and Chats - Text Size. It is also fully customizable through localizations (you can also make your own scenes this way) and the process of translating it is simplified too.

Length limit when editing chat titles and names

The length limits for chat titles and names have been changed to 128 and 64 characters respectively. It is stated that this is a server-side change if you are wondering.

This month has been all about localizations and bug fixes, but we still got a couple of useful changes. As a proof, in our teardowns, we also saw numerous string changes with each beta update. Sadly, we do not have any information regarding the official stable release date, after all of these betas.

FYI, you can check this channel for more info about localizations and Telegram X updates.

  • An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features
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