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Telegram X for Android recently got built-in theming support in the beta channel, allowing users to create custom themes, edit them on-the-go and share them freely. This feature is now live for everyone with version stable that was released on December 17th on the Google Play Store.

Considering the number of betas and RCs (release candidates) that were available since last week (starting from v0.21.3.1024 beta) and the release notes for all of them, we can state that the development team behind has been focusing pretty much on three main things - improving the way themes work, squashing bugs and enhancing the content sharing options from the app itself to other apps and the other way around. We did break down the changelogs for all of these updates into categories like so:

  • Theming
  • Added theme property: lightStatusBar
  • Added theme colors: statusBarContent, statusBarLegacy, statusBarLegacyContent, headerTabActive, headerTabActiveText, headerTabInactive
  • Added theme colors: sectionedScrollBar, sectionedScrollBarActive, sectionedScrollBarActiveContent
  • Added theme colors for date picker header: headerPickerBackground, headerPickerText
  • New theme colors for controlling line above message input field: chatSeparator, bubble_chatSeparator, shareSeparator
  • Themes: if you have previously installed some theme with overridden headerText color, it be copied to headerTabActiveText, headerTabActive (with 90% alpha), headerTabInactive (80% alpha), so you will have proper color of tabs on the main screen after the update.
  • Themes: new colors now can be found via search too.
  • Content sharing
  • Share from media viewer will always share content, not the link.
  • Share from media viewer now works for all kinds of media: profile/chat photos, link preview media, etc. Both internally and externally.
  • Share externally multiple media from the same author (note: external share is available only when media is downloaded & when selected media are of the same type)
  • Share Contact in profiles
  • Reworked share button & external share icon behavior inside Share pop-up for all kinds of content: messages, media, texts, URLs, etc.
  • Improved sticker set sharing
  • Improved proxy sharing
  • Improved link sharing
  • Improved sharing multiple media from other apps to Telegram X
  • Share: behavior changes for media from link previews
  • Supported more media types in link previews
  • Save to Gallery/Music/Downloads + Clear from Cache for media in link previews
  • External share for media in link previews
  • Copy Link button when sharing public media from shared media
  • Copy Link for messages and media now works offline
  • Selected media no longer has to be from the same author for external share (if it is not a private chat)
  • [Hopefully] finished work on the external share button: now it's available in many more cases.
  • External share now available when selecting media in private chats from different senders as well
  • Single-tap message saving on sharing screen
  • Bug fixes
  • Media sharing bug fixes
  • Stopwatch button color in secret chats
  • Sharing ignores "disable notifications" setting when forwarding to channels.
  • Sharing theme files to Telegram X does not work properly.
  • Sharing from other apps to Telegram X ignores channel silent broadcast setting.
  • Sharing photo previously shared to TGX is not properly recognized by some apps.
  • Incorrect subtitle color after opening search in the sharing screen
  • Incorrect link preview layout when one of the header fields is empty.
  • Improved resuming application when a chat was open.
  • Header shadow disappears after using search on share and some other screens.
  • Missing header shadow on group/channel management screen
  • Other
  • Saved Messages chat can always be found by "Saved Messages" query like in macOS client (, regardless currently active language.
  • Report messages through the media viewer
  • Child Abuse report reason
  • Slightly reorganized media viewer three-dot menu items
  • When forwarding albums with "Send as Copy" enabled, they will be properly preserved.
  • Removed unused permission
  • Improved network detection when resuming the application
  • Improved animation when sharing externally not yet completely downloaded files

Needless to say, there is also a separate changelog for version stable, which points out that there are new languages added as well as a new Night Black theme for dark UI fans like me, which is said to be more battery friendly.


Telegram X is now available in Arabic, Czech, Hebrew, Norwegian (Bokmål), Persian and Turkish

  • Share posts and media with other apps
  • User Themes: Create, Share and Install themes created by the community
  • Brand new Night Black theme
  • Faster sending of text messages
  • Choose wallpaper while using dark themes
  • Bold fonts have a much better look while using Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Persian, and many other languages
  • Other bugfixes and performance improvements

If you would like to get notified whenever there is a new beta update available, you should 100% go ahead and follow the Telegram X channel, which is the only official one.

  • An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features
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