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The latest set of Telegram X beta updates, from build to .1105, have been made official for all Google Play beta testers and are bringing around dozens of fixes as well as a couple of great new features. Perhaps, before going too deep into those, here are the changelogs for the releases that we mentioned in a combined fashion.

What's new beta

Redesigned internal application architecture from scratch. Reliable notifications and lower battery usage. Rolling out for 100% users (yolo).


  • Dramatically improved notifications reliability.
  • Reduced battery and network usage in the background
  • Reduced multi-account resource usage. Even if you use 10+ accounts, everything should work as smooth as if you'd have only one account.
  • Improved application launch speed
  • Must-not-be-named-feature. Don't tell anyone about it, or it will disappear.
  • Notifications now will work even if system restricts network access in the background
  • Improved Passcode: Instant Auto-Lock, Allow read-only notifications, hold lock button to enter Passcode settings
  • If the application crashes on launch, next time you launch it, it will show the recovery screen with a guide on how to get the issue fixed. beta

Fixed crashes and bugs only

Fixed several bugs on a very old "Add to Group" screen, such as:

  • When you receive messages in other types of chats, they get displayed anyway.
  • If there are too few groups at the beginning of the main chats list, loading progress may get stuck. beta

  • Crash fixes for users with custom themes
  • Fixed streaming for voice messages (it's now available for 1MB+ voice messages, like in previous versions)
  • Fixed crash while managing the TDLib lifecycle
  • Fixed must-not-be-named-feature while playing music
  • Fixed Keep Media setting
  • Fixed incorrect automatic storage clearing file size limit
  • Other crash fixes beta

  • Another TDLib lifecycle management fix beta

Updated TDLib:

  • Notifications won't reappear after dismissing them
  • Groups in the Common list now update more often (once when the number changes and once an hour)
  • Push notification handling improvements
  • Separated inline results cache for channels / other chats
  • Empty chats no longer affect badge counter
  • Fixed a crash
  • Added debug info for some unresolved crashes beta

  • Improved notifications reliability
  • Improved image cache
  • Fixed rare crash while finishing audio playback
  • Fixed rare crash while navigating & playing some video messages

Performance enhancements

The "internal architecture" of the app has been redesigned from scratch, thus promising a huge speed boost and lower battery usage overall. From a performance standpoint, things may not be easily distinguishable from the get-go if you have a recently released flagship device, but those with lower-end Android phones would certainly feel the difference. Other than those, many small bug fixes have been done to provide you with even more stable user experience, completely free of annoyances.

Chat filters

The Must-not-be-named-feature" in the changelog that you should tell no one about is the option to switch between personal chats, groups, etc. from the main chat page. It has finally arrived and surely, this is something that many would appreciate, including myself. So, to switch between different types of chats you have to hold your finger on the 'CHATS' text in the header for a split second and then swipe down without lifting your thumb up. After you have selected the desired option from the drop-down menu, you may do release it. This is a relatively simple task but at the same time measly noticeable. What I mean by that is that you will never know it existed there because there are no hints pointing out to it.

Instant Auto-Lock

The next addition in one of these betas is a setting allowing you to instantly lock Telegram X with the built-in lock feature once you leave the app. It can be set that way from the 'Passcode Lock' settings page in the 'Privacy and Security' section inside the settings, or by long-pressing the new lock icon in the action bar (if requiring a passcode is enabled.)

Read-only notifications

One more new thing is read-only notifications. Basically, anyone can read your incoming messages, but will not be able to interact with them. For example, the direct reply feature will not be usable and the 'Mute' option too.

The stable update with the features and fixes we wrote about supposedly will go out this weekend, but for those eager people like us - you can apply for testing from the beta section for Telegram X below if you are on a desktop, or from the 'Application' page for mobile users. Otherwise, you can grab the newest APK from our telegram-android-beta channel dedicated especially for TG news and install it manually.

Source: Telegram

  • An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features
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