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After a long long time without any updates, perhaps almost a month, we now have our hands on Telegram version 5.13.0 beta to test out, and in fact, it does include some major upgrades to the prior release.

"Send when online"

To begin with, one of the headline features of Telegram 5.13 is the "send when online" functionality that can be found in the scheduled messages menu after clicking on the three-dot button. For those who not aware, scheduling messages can be done by long-pressing on the "send" button in any chat, though, note that the new option appears solely in one-on-one conversations.

Instant view updates

Next in line is the enhanced instant view UI with all of the font and theme options tucked away from the main view. Besides, text and background colors are now respective of the theme that is applied.

Location sharing changes

The location sharing page receives some notable improvements ranging from pure iconography restyling and a new larger button for directions to displaying close restaurants, bars, etc., directly atop the map itself.

Brand new theme switching animation

The hamburger menu gets a welcome paint job where the toggle to switch between light and dark mode is placed on the header, achieving a more minimalistic yet modern look whilst getting rid of one extra menu entry. But most importantly, the flashy animation is the pinnacle of what's a 2019-level UI design language.

Dark splash screen

The splash screen finally gets an overdue makeover with dark mode support.

Updated file manager icons

The file management, i.e., chooser UI receives some attention as well with a few changes to the icons.

Refined settings menu

The Active Sessions page from the Privacy and Security options is just a few taps away as it now lives on the main settings page, in addition to being renamed to just Devices.

If all of the above features are tempting, we have a pretty well-written guide explaining how to get to test-drive first-hand every new TG beta that comes out in the future.

And, as always, stay tuned to TestingCatalog for more!

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